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Second post

It’s too hard to write the first post for a new blog, so let’s pretend this is the second one, OK?

Betsy Napangardi Lewis: Digging Sticks - 2004. Synthetic polymer paint on board 30 x 22.5 cm.

Kurlaangu Jukurrpa – Digging Sticks – 2004. Synthetic polymer paint on board 30 x 22.5 cm.

A small screenprint by a traditional Warlpiri woman from the Yuendumu Community region has joined my modest collection of original art. It’s titled Kurlaangu Jukurrpa.

It’s one of a range of six prints by different artists. The colors, textures and repetitive parallels of this one appealed to me.

Showed it to m’colleague, TEIA, who dutifully nodded and mumbled words to the effect of “Very nice.”

Then I read out the accompanying description of the artist’s work: “Her recent imagery concerns variations on women’s digging sticks.”

“Perfect!” said TEIA, his interest sparking up. “You can use them to thwack sense into people. Or dig a big hole for yourself…”

:-) It’s good to be working with someone who shares my sense of humor.

A kind man gave me some good advice a few months ago, about several ways to tackle the vexed question of how to live an examined life without losing the plot completely. is part of my response to that advice: a strategy to avoid stumbling into a large, self-dug career hole.


Update March 2008: amended this post to remove the artist’s name, as she is now deceased.

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